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 Welcome to your fishing adventure!

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Brumoen Laksefiske

Brumoen Laksefiske offers a fishing experience in one of Norway's nicest salmon rivers. 6 people can fish from the eastern side at the same time at Brumoen. Fishing is primarily flyfishing, but other types of bait are also possible with special permission. Accomodation is offered in a cozy apartment that rooms 8 poeple, or in a small cabin by the river with two beds.

Brumoen Laksefiske has a long tradition of being a host site for salmon fishermen. You can enjoy the breathtaking nature of Namdalseid in peaceful surroundings. Lifetime memories are experienced by the rich flora and fauna in the area. The river itself will also be memorable. The fishing diary in the apartment will tell stories from guests and their catches. Prior to quota limitations of 5 fish per rod per day, there were stories of more than 10 fish a day from the river.

The walk to the river from the apartment is short. The apartment terrace offers beautiful views of the mountains to the west. Sitting out on the terrace after a long day of fishing will give you peace and serenity. Furhtermore, by the river is a traditional Norwegian Hunt cabin with possiblity for grilling. From the tent, the view offered is of the best fishingspots of the area, which can be enjoyed while grilling newly caught salmon over red hot coals.

Welcome to Brumoen. Contact us offer.

Brumoen Laksefiske

Adress: Brumoen

Phone: +47 74278307
Mobil:   +47 48259792
E-mail:  jonsether@netcom.no
Internett: www.laksefiske-brumoen.com


Apartment that rooms 8 poeple


A large and bright livingroom with a balcony ensures that the space is large and the atmosphere is lovely.


The Kitchen is complete with all your expectations. Stove, dishwasher, fridge, coffee maker and a large freezer with room for lots of salmon.


The cabin has two bedrooms with two bunkbeds in each. The largest bedroom also has its own sitting area and a sink.

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